"Born with Perfection"To become one of the top, state-of-art engineering & Research Institute of the country and successfully meet the challenges posed by global competition. Companies today are looking for visionaries who can create the future, and then execute with the speed and excellence it takes to succeed. The mission is to serve the society especially the rural, by providing state of the art teaching learning process.. Offering paramount quality technical staff and faculty.

1. Constantly adapting learning & instructional methodologies to remain at the forefront ofeducation and aligned to the     contemporary industry trends.
2. Providing world class infrastructure and facility.
3. Regular interaction with industry and interface with distinguished industry professionals.
4. To organize continuing education programs regularly in order to keep the faculty and students abreast of every     changing technology.
5. To anticipate and fulfill the requirement of the students, industry and community by adopting best practices.
6. To enhance the quality of life through R&D, team work and industry partnership.

Our Core Values

"Ethics, Simplicity, Integrity and trust are our Strength."
A Passion for Academic Excellence , Uncompromising Values, integrity. An Abiding Commitment to Improving quality of life in organizations and society ; those have been our guiding values at Doon College of Engineering & Technology'.

1. Demonstrate utmost integrity and transparency to all members of institution Inspire trust through leadership in all           aspect of Engineering & Technology.
2. Pursue excellence through consistence focus on Technical education quality.
3. Exemplify our core values towards empowering life for all individuals of DCET members

"Technology offers useful tools and we utilize them effectively. We feel "seeing is believing" so audio -visual aids like using power point slides for lectures, providing hand outs, showing video- clips to emphasize important points, and using multi-media effectives learning tools with proven impacts"